Clementine Fields

Clementine Fields carries the finest in green beauty, organic skincare, anti-aging products and natural makeup. The world turns to Clementine Fields for natural beauty’s newest and most luxurious, eco-friendly products on the market.

Total Community: 8,000+


Empowering women to make safe and sustainable beauty buying choices

Brand Building
UGC Campaign Strategy
Contest Strategy
Online Customer Service Management
Customer Experience Improvements

Digital & Brand Audit
Email Marketing
Social Media Strategy
Content Strategy
Influencer Campaign Development
E-Commerce Analytics Analysis & Insights 


Content Strategy

Developed a consistent and keyword/SEO-driven content strategy for Clementine Fields’ popular blog inspired by customer interests, trending topics, seasonal events and global holidays.

UGC Strategy

Introduced the #UNBOXcf campaign, incentivising buyers to share photos of their green beauty buys on social media. The branded hashtag led to increased brand awareness, 500% jump in user-generated content, and increased sales.

Social Media Strategy; Brand & Community Building

Developed consistent tone and look across all social media platforms. Implemented customer service scheme for all channels.

Rewards Programme

Implementation of shopping rewards programme led to increased customer satisfaction, retention and transaction total.


Email Marketing

Re-design, email content strategy and copy editing led to higher 10% increase in open rates, and 20% increase in click-through rate. Implemented segmentation for large localized groups of customers (ie. Quebec, U.S. California, etc.) & deployed emails in local languages for increased targeting within the market.

Data Analysis & Insights

Reported monthly Google Analytics, Shopify, email marketing, social media data and business insights. Prepared ad-hoc assessment of potential beauty lines via keyword volume, social media and competitor sites analysis.

Key Achievements

  • Strategy generated an increase of 30% in revenue for monthly LY.

  • Increased positive feedback from Clementine Fields’s loyal customer base.

  • Increased engagement rates across social channels by 35%.